The Geek Questioner Podcast

About The Podcast

In case you've stumbled in at random and don't know what this is all about, this podcast is a mix of interview and community conversation. I began asking a Geek Question of the Day on Google+ back in 2011 and slowly, but surely, a community of geeks from around the world gathered around answering them every day.

Engagement was so intense that I became unable to respond to people in the threads themselves. Instead, this podcast was born! Every week we go over a handful of our favorite answers that you’ve given and generally geek out. Currently my partner in podcasting is Erin Goss but we’ve got a rotating assortment of others that join in from time to time. Including, possibly, you!

Beyond that I also interviewed members of our geeky community, and other nerdy folks, using a set of predetermined questions. The interviews are currently on hiatus as we develop a plan for the future but stay tuned. =)

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