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The Geek Questioner Podcast

About The Podcast

In case you've stumbled in at random and don't know what this is all about, this podcast is a mix of interview and community conversation. I began asking a Geek Question of the Day on Google+ back in 2011 and slowly, but surely, a community of geeks from around the world has gathered around answering them every day. Interest was so intense that I decided to start doing a podcast in which a co-host and I ask a set of predetermined questions of a guest and then review some of the best community answers from the week.

Latest Episodes

The guest could be you!

Please fill out some basic contact info below and we'll be in touch soon! Nothing you put in here will be sent to third parties. We mostly just need a name and an e-mail address (for contact, hangouts, and file-sharing).

How We Record (FAQ)

  • What are the questions? Click the button above for the current list!
  • When do we record? Friday nights around 9pm EST. If you're in a time zone that makes this difficult just let me know! The interview can be recorded most week nights after 7pm EST or at 10am EST on Saturday.
  • When do we publish? RSS subscribers get it Sunday night and our official announcement goes out Mondays around 3pm EST.
  • Is it video or audio? Audio but we do use video for interactivity.
  • How long does it take? Pre-show usually takes about 30 minutes unless there are tech problems. If all goes well we try to be done with the interview portion within an hour. The second half (optional for guests) usually takes another hour beyond that.
  • What will I need?
    • A quiet room.
    • Stable internet.
    • A headset (or headphones) and microphone.
    • A modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
    • 20GB of free space on your hard drive. This is because Zencastr caches locally on your end and needs room to buffer.
  • What do we use to record? We typically use Hangouts or Skype to get a video link going and then use Zencastr to record the audio.