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Covering March 15th - March 28th, 2019

Journey along with Charlie & Erin as they delve into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day across two entire weeks! Some of the rabbit holes explored include; PowerPoint parties, Firefly moms, disturbing stuffies, Night Fury nests, Tone Loc adventurers, Šejić advice, and a whole lot more!


Timeline & Question Links:

00:00 - Introductions

05:21 - First Review - The Fountain of Youth

Reviewer: Julia Piatt

06:14 - The Outer Rim

Question: What popular fictional character do you actually dislike/hate and why?
Mentioned: Julia Piatt
Question: What representation of the afterlife from fiction is your favorite and why?
Mentioned: Guy Geens
Question: What was your first 'home' on the world wide web and what about it do you miss most?
Mentioned: Robert M Knight
Question: If you suddenly found yourself trapped in the last scene you read, where would you be and how would you survive for 24 hours?
Mentioned: Angie Creasy-Thompson
Question: What female-focused stories would you recommend introducing young children to and why?
Mentioned: Fern Kali
Question: If you could guest star on any TV series (past or present), which would it be and who would you play?
Mentioned: Dave Higgins

09:27 - Second Review - Lightsaber

Reviewer: Iron Storm

10:17 - The Untempered Schism (Word Swaps)

Words: Green & Knit

Links: &
Mentioned: Angie Creasy-Thompson, Dan Thompson, Julia Piatt, Dave Higgins, H.P. Read, Tony Payson, Frank Riccobono, Rico McSuave, Iron Storm

13:30 - Commercial - The Multiverse Cafe

14:09 - The Alpha Quadrant

Question: If you could serve on the crew of a fictional ship, which crew would you join and what skills would you bring to the table?
Mentioned: H.P. Read & Kathryn Huxtable
Question: What fictional creature would you most want as a pet and how would you take care of it?
Mentioned: Julia Piatt & Karen Schumacher
Question: What's one of your favorite video game related moments and why?
Mentioned: Frank Riccobono & Markus Christopher
Question: Who are your favorite graphic artists/illustrators and why?
Mentioned: Eoraptor & Fern Kali

33:25 - Announcements & Geek Outs

Announcement: Come to our meetup!
Charlie: Goodbye Google Plus
Erin: 826 National -

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