Holy Flaming Flerkens!

Covering March 1st - March 14th, 2019

This episode Charlie & Erin dig into your answers and journey down some rabbit holes, including; vanquishing the Brian, condiments that belong in a museum, choosing rent over Warhammer, Richard Simmons as a Skrull, giving Martian Valentines, the epic awesomeness of Captain Marvel, mixing Joker's, Jedi & Jovovich's, and a lot more!

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Timeline & Question Links:

00:00 - Introductions

04:58 - First Review - Magic Beans

Link: http://bit.ly/2C4f89C
Reviewer: Julia Piatt

05:32 - The Outer Rim

Question: If you had to describe yourself using only three songs, what would they be and why?
Link: http://bit.ly/2BW2JEp
Mentioned: H.P. Read
Question: What two fictional swashbuckler or roguish characters would you love to see team up and who would they take on?
Link: http://bit.ly/2BVW5Om
Mentioned: Angie Creasy Thompson
Question: What book(s) are you currently reading and what recently read stories would you recommend to your fellow geeks?
Link: http://bit.ly/2C8gIXV
Mentioned: Robert Chambers
Question: If there were a galactic version of a Battle of the Bands, what musical talent would you want to represent Earth in the competition and why?
Link: http://bit.ly/2C7l55z
Mentioned: Eoraptor
Question: What do you think the secret hobbies of your favorite characters might be and why?
Link: http://bit.ly/2C5DXlx
Mentioned: Stuckin D'South
Question: What's the geekiest haiku you can come up with?
Link: http://bit.ly/2C4NuZU
Mentioned: Fern Kali

09:48 - Second Review - Aperture Science Labs

Link: http://bit.ly/2UzZ7zc
Reviewer: Frank Riccobono

10:48 - The Untempered Schism (Word Swaps)

Words: Mustard & Camel

Links: http://bit.ly/2BUT4xO & http://bit.ly/2C4NusS
Mentioned: Julia Piatt, James Field, Eoraptor, Rico McSuave, H.P. Read, Angie Creasy Thompson, Fern Kali, Frank Riccobono, Dave Higgins

14:26 - Commercial - Magical Animal Shelter PSA

15:20 - The Alpha Quadrant

Question: What hobby (or hobbies) would you like to get into but don't because of the expense?
Link: http://bit.ly/2BW1Hbv
Mentioned: Rico McSuave, Julia Piatt
Question: What would you name the first human city on Mars and why?
Link: http://bit.ly/2BSyyOs
Mentioned: Angie Creasy-Thompson, Evil Genius
Question: What are your (fake) spoilers for Captain Marvel?
Link: http://bit.ly/2C6IhRs
Mentioned: Eoraptor, Rico McSuave
Question: If actors could build a team out of the characters they've portrayed, whose team would be untouchable and why?
Link: http://bit.ly/2UyMZOU
Mentioned: Angie Creasy-Thompson, Rico McSuave

30:00 - Announcements & Geek Outs

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Charlie’s Pick: Captain Marvel is awesome. Thanos is screwed.
Erin’s Pick: The Cred Bureau - https://thecredbureau.com/

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