Goodbye Google, Hello World!

Long time no see! Join Charlie and Erin as they announce the re-launch of not only this show, but also some new projects on the horizon. We also take some time to thank all the folks who have made the transition over to our new home and welcome all you new folks to join in!
#BeOurPolos #RevisitTheClassics


00:00 - Intro's & What We've Been Up To
05:07 - The Great Google Exodus
06:19 - New Schedule & Podcasts
08:19 - Join The Away Team
11:21 - Declaring Podcast Amnesty
14:14 - Special Thanks To You All!
21:52 - Wrap Up

The Circle of Awesome:

Pickle Poo (Pattato), Dare To Live Delicious, Sneux, Carrie Canup, Ian A (Poisoner), Rico McSuave, Jack McDonald Burnett, Walter Roberson, Evernight Strangely, Janet Norman-Lidster, Frank Riccobono, Guy Geens, Louis Doggett, Angie Creasy-Thompson, dPHender, Michael Rainey, Evil Genius, Jennifer Morton Kirkland, Julia Piatt, Nevertheless she persisted., Merrill K. Wyntere, Vern Hoover, Patric Rogers, David A, Jeff Baker, George Station, Paul Berry, Phil Stracchino, Matt Tuomala, Pat Kight, Mealika, Timothy Barth, Kanati Siqua'Uyetsga, Cheryl M, Karen Schumacher, Alan, MrsA Wiggins, Robert Gibson II, Terry McNeil, Jacobo Blanco, Dave Higgins, H. P. Read, Dan Thompson, Rob Masters, Lerato Majikfaerie, Tony Payson, Sister, Bobby Coggins, Kathryn Huxtable, Ryan Toxopeus, Julia Thompson, Bob Lai, Brent Rodriguez, Cass_m, Nico Lindner, Fern Kali, Ant Pruitt, Jenn Kirkland, Jason Brabander, Jeff Stoner, johnhmaloney, Robert M Knight, Billreyn, daNanner

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