Space Grendel & The Reckless Do-Gooders

Covering Nov 2nd - Nov 8th, 2018

Come along with Charlie Hoover, Erin Goss and their guest; author of 'Representations of Genocide in Cartoons', Professor John Lestrange, as they dig into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day. From the fifty wheels of time to Dredge sympathizers to McGruff macguffins and beyond!

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00:00 - Representations of Genocide in Cartoons
07:03 - - If you suddenly found yourself in the last scene you read, where would you be and how do your chances of survival seem?
14:30 - - What are some of your favorite YouTube channels and why do you like them?
22:03 - - What are your favorite one-on-one 'final' duels in fiction and why do they stick with you?
31:47 - - If you added or removed the word 'Seal' from the title of a story, what would the resulting plot and title become?
36:00 - Commercial -
36:54 - - What fictional or real-world quotes do you live by and why?
41:38 - - What would be your product review of the MacGuffin that you randomly came into possession of last week?
46:15 - - If some of your favorite fictional characters formed a garage band, who would be in it and what would they call themselves?
52:33 - Wrap Up

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