Into The Swamp Of Brilliance

Covering Oct 26th - Nov 1st, 2018

Come along with Charlie Hoover & Erin Goss as they dig into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day. From pirate travesties and Riker masterpieces to the Viking Sound of Music and beyond!

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00:00 - We hope you're all still alive!
02:27 - - If you had to describe yourself using only famous quotes, which would you choose and why?
06:51 - - What scenes or moments in fiction do you still find terrifying and why do they stick with you?
14:21 - - What songs would you put on your Halloween playlist and why?
20:59 - - If you added or repl aced the word 'fear' in the title of a story, what would the resulting plot and title become?
25:28 - Commercial - The Multiverse Cafe
26:06 - - If you could become an actual monster for just Halloween night, which would you choose and why?
29:56 - - What would be your product review for the proton pack you purchased from an auction a few weeks ago?
36:03 - - If you were to take the main character from the last book you read and drop them into the last movie you watched, how would it alter the story?
41:26 - Wrap Up & Plugs

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