Darth Severus & The Vulcan Bathrobe

Covering Oct 12th - Oct 18th, 2018

Come along with Charlie Hoover & Erin Goss as they dig into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day. They discuss everything from being kidnapped by Elton John to the Rudy of space movies and so much in between. Join in and answer yourself!

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Erin's Twitter: https://twitter.com/redcatshoehaiku
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Timeline & Question Links:

00:00 - We're all fine here!
05:30 - What was the first song or album you remember purchasing with your own money and what format was it in?
10:47 - What do you think are the worst uses of technology in fiction and why?
17:55 - What's the best movie you've seen in the last five years and why does it stand out for you?
25:36 - If you added the phrase "Harry Potter &" to the title of any non-Potterverse story, what would the resulting plot and title become?
30:41 - Commercial - The Multiverse Cafe
31:22 - What are your favorite fictional 'moments of victory' and why do they stand out for you?
37:53 - What would be your review of the state-of-the-art HAL-9000 smart home you had installed a week ago?
42:34 - Have you ever had memorable (family friendly) dreams related to fiction you've consumed and if so, what were they about?
47:25 - Wrap Up

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