Baroque Jukebox Battles

Covering Sept 28th - Oct 4th, 2018

Come along with Charlie Hoover & Erin Goss as they dig into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day. See the questions below and join in the fun!

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00:00 - Intro's & G+ Shutdown Notice!
06:20 - What would you say or do to convince your friends & family that you are the original and that the clone is the impostor?
10:41 - If you had to trade places with one superhero for a month, which would you choose and why?
15:28 - What are your favorite children's stories and why do they stand out for you?
20:20 - If you added or replaced the word 'pumpkin' in the title of a story, what would the resulting plot and title become?
25:13 - Commercial - Crazy Feldman's Used Speeders
25:44 - If tattoos were 4 second GIF's that played when touched, what design would you choose and where would you place it?
29:44 - What would be your product review of the Cloak of Invisibility you purchased recently?
32:52 - What song(s) would be included in a soundtrack dedicated to you and why?
41:14 - Wrap Up

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