Caddyshack Moses & The Doctor's Wife

Covering Sept 7th - Sept 13th, 2018

Come along with Charlie Hoover & Erin Goss as they dig into your answers to the Geek Question of the Day. From battles on Mars and alternative Batmen to shocking character deaths, talking cats, and so much more!

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00:00 - Mass hysteria!
01:58 - - If you suddenly found yourself in the last scene you read, where would you be and how do your chances of survival seem?
08:36 - - If you could re-cast any one actor in a story, who would you replace and why?
16:23 - - What words (or names), that you initially only saw in written form, did you discover later that you'd been mispronouncing all along?
23:27 - - If you added or replace the word 'Hour' in the title of a story, what would the resulting plot and title become?
28:38 - Commercial - Magical Animal Shelter
29:33 - - What fictional death hit you the hardest and why?
37:24 - - What would be your product review for the Lassiter Pistol you purchased from a rather motley group of traders a week ago?
39:19 - - Who/what are your favorite non-humanoid fictional characters and why do they stand out for you?
46:04 - Wrap Up

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