Kool Aid Ants & Unicorn Surprises

Covering June 29th - July 5th, 2018

Join Ant Pruitt, Erin Goss, and Charlie Hoover as they go over your answers to the Geek Question of the Day! Some of the things discussed include; going full Goldblum, summer movie marathons, laugh-inducing limericks, musical mashups, fictional amazon lists, wide gauge sieves, crazy first jobs, and so much more!

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Ant's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ant_pruitt
Ant's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/antpruitt
Ant's Site: http://antpruitt.com/
Erin's Twitter: https://twitter.com/redcatshoehaiku
Erin's Vikings: http://skaldvik.com

Timeline & Question Links:

00:00 - Introductions
02:45 - Friday: http://bit.ly/2tK7VHC
10:38 - Saturday: http://bit.ly/2NhwuUo
19:02 - Sunday: http://bit.ly/2NiIlSb
25:11 - Monday: http://bit.ly/2NiIlRS
31:00 - Commercial - Magical Animal Shelter
31:55 - Tuesday: http://bit.ly/2u5dReg
36:53 - Wednesday: http://bit.ly/2u6ztGs
42:21 - Thursday: http://bit.ly/2NqCvxY
51:52 - Wrap Up

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