Lions & Shepherds & Sontarans, Oh My!

Covering Feb 23rd - Mar 1st, 2018


This week Ant Pruitt, Erin Goss & Markus Christopher join me to geek out and dig into your answers to the questions I've asked over the week. Come along as we discuss cybernetic hotels, spanking Skywalkers, mall grim reapers, Strax 101, geeky theme songs, Narnia profiteering, seriously spiritual characters, and a lot more!

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00:00 - Introductions
04:24 - Friday:
14:47 - Saturday:
21:24 - Sunday:
28:57 - Monday:
36:53 - Commercial - No-Kill Magical Animal Shelter
37:46  - Tuesday:
45:38 - Wednesday:
51:44 - Thursday:
61:40 - Wrap Up & Co-Host Plugs

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