Sentient Potatoes & Crazy Russian Santa's

Covering Dec 15th - Dec 21st, 2017


This episode is a wee bit different! We're trying out a new format for the show. Basically myself and a few others have a round table discussion about the questions from the week and your answers to them! My hope is to get some of the amazing guests and co-hosts from past shows back on again to geek out. It's a work in progress so feel free to send in feedback!

Joining me for this one are Sedulous Orphic, Lee Clarke, and David Sarachman. All former guests and/or co-hosts. Check out their links below to see some of the amazing stuff they create!

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00:00 - Introductions
04:56 - Friday:
14:04 - Saturday:
24:54 - Sunday:
30:23 - Monday:
36:14 - Tuesday:
41:05 - Wednesday:
49:11 - Thursday:
58:56 - Wrap Up/Plugs

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