Erin LeColst & The Katniss of Neverland

Covering May 26th - June 1st, 2017


This week we interview my oldest friend; teacher, sewist & mom, Erin LeColst. We geek out about everything from her passion for history to her love of The Doctor, Peter Pan and D&D to her mad quilting skills and beyond!

Following the interview, we discuss your answers to the week's questions. We discover how you would hack reality, some of your favorite warriors, the crazy places you'd put eagles, what prequels you would love to see, your reviews of owning a Philosopher's Stone, stories you keep coming back to, and more!

Join my co-host Aalia Khan Yousafzai and I for our latest shenanigans and if you like it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

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