Ben "Blenster" Hibben & The Alien Makerspace

Covering April 18th - May 4th, 2017


This week I interview lifelong jack-of-all-trades Ben Hibben, aka 'Blenster' and geek out with him about the maker movement, his Mr Blinky Bling project, xenomorph fears, Aston Martin's vs Halle Berry, escaping to a culture ship & more!

Following the interview, we discuss your answers to the week's questions. We start with a book club update, then talk about what characters you wish had lived, the spellcasters you'd want by your side in a fight, the hilarious ways that you added birds to stories, where on Earth you're from, your vacations to Coruscant, the life lessons you learned from Star Wars, and more!

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Mr Blinky Bling:
Louisville Maker Space:

Timeline & Question Links:

00:00 - Interview
25:30 - Commercial (Multiverse Cafe)
26:05 - Friday: Book Club Announcement
27:32 - Saturday:
33:10 - Sunday:
38:12 - Monday:
41:50 - Tuesday:
46:56 - Wednesday:
49:46 - Thursday:
58:17 - Wrap Up

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