Lee Roche & The Canadian Supervillain

Covering January 13th - January 19th, 2017


This week we interview Lee Roche, a long time member of our community and find out a bit about how he geeks out. Remotely from his home in Ontario we talk about doing tech support for a living, misunderstood movie monsters, going full kaiju,  having a supportive mom, turning Geekscapes into stories, Admiral Grace Hopper, sound engineering for fun, demon possessions, volunteering as a medic, and more!

Following that we discuss your answers to the week's questions. The books you're reading, your favorite tentacled creatures, how the politics of creators influences you, making titles orange again, new years resolutions for fictional characters, items you purchased from a supervillain auction, the maps you love, and more!

Join my co-host Aalia Khan Yousafzai and I for our latest shenanigans and if you like it, please subscribe and feel free to comment below! Oh and sign up if you want to be a guest!

Guest Links:

G+ Profile: http://bit.ly/2iSpwK0

Links to the Questions:

Friday: http://bit.ly/2iLFzZV
Saturday: http://bit.ly/2iLCgBW
Sunday: http://bit.ly/2iLDpcS
Monday: http://bit.ly/2iLxUuF
Tuesday: http://bit.ly/2iLDQUk
Wednesday: http://bit.ly/2iLDDQY
Thursday: http://bit.ly/2iLwFvu

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