Mike Sweeney & The Barbarian Hacker

This week we interview photographer, maker, security expert and dad, +Mike Sweeney from his home in California. Join as we learn about his lifelong passion for tinkering and problem solving. From fingers in light sockets to network security and a whole lot in between!

Ryan Toxopeus & The Astromech Wizard

This week I interview writer, father & driving researcher Ryan Toxopeus from his home in Guelph, Ontario and geek out over all manner of things with him. From very elaborate D&D games to being gifted sardines & alcohol while in line for Star Wars and so much more! 

Noelle McDorky & The Fibercraft Engineer

This week we interview software engineer and crochet guru, +Noelle M. Join us as we geek out with her about hacking Nintendo's using dust, her love of NASA, a mild obsession with socks, living near Tom Cruise, getting to Florida by way of Seattle & Japan, the fun of having a geeky mom, and more!

Jennifer Linsky & The Nanotech Takei

This week we interview the author of Flowers of Luna, Jennifer Linksky. Join us as we geek out with her about GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Informatics, Nanotech), watching 2001 at age four, learning to fight pirates, meeting George Takei, dubbing anime with friends, strong characters like Kyou Fujibayashi & Honor Harrington, and so much more!