The Geek Questioner Podcast

About The Podcast

In case you've stumbled in at random and don't know what this is all about, this podcast is a mix of interview and community conversation. I began asking a Geek Question of the Day on Google+ back in 2011 and slowly, but surely, a community of geeks from around the world gathered around answering them every day.

Interest was so intense that I became unable to respond to people in the threads themselves. Instead, I started doing this podcast, in which a few co-hosts and I review community answers and generally geek out.

Beyond that I also interview members of our geeky community, and other nerdy folks, using a set of predetermined questions. Have a listen, subscribe, and join our amazing crew!

Latest Episodes

The guest could be you!

Please use the 'Be A Guest' button below to schedule your availability directly. If anything needs to change I'll reach out to you, but otherwise I'll be in touch just prior to the time and date you choose in order to confirm everything.

How We Record (FAQ)

  • What are the questions? Click the button above for the current list!
  • When do we record? Check the schedule using the 'Be A Guest' button. If you're in a time zone that makes you unable to pick from the available time slots just let me know!
  • When do we publish? Week In Review episodes are published on Saturdays around 3pm EST. Interview episodes are published as they are edited and guests will be notified prior to that happening!
  • Is it video or audio? Audio but we do use video for interactivity.
  • How long does it take? Pre-show usually takes about 20-30 minutes unless there are tech problems. If all goes well we try to be done with interviews within about an hour. The Week In Reviews usually take 60-90 minutes.
  • What will I need?
    • A quiet room.
    • Stable internet.
    • A headset (or headphones) and microphone.
  • What do we use to record? We typically ask guests to record locally on their computers and send us the files via DropBox or Google Drive. We use Hangouts, Skype, or Bluejeans to get a video link going but we don't record that part.