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Geek Question of the Day: So tonight marks six years of asking these questions almost every night (and yes there's one below)! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for so many years of wonderful geekery and give you a big virtual hug. I realize I've said this countless times, but I seriously don't know where I'd be if it weren't for you lot being in my life, so thank you! We've got a lot of new faces in recent months, along with long time veterans, and it's so awesome to see that we're still holding onto our community in spite of Google's neglect of our home...

Anyway, I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to ask you all for a bit of help spreading the word. As most of you know, my answer to your answers was to start the Geek Questioner Podcast, which just hit episode 100! What would be really helpful, if you get a minute, would be to subscribe to it, and equally importantly, rate it in iTunes or Google Play. Ratings and reviews are super critical to getting things like sponsors, etc., which leads to my next thing...

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I hate to bother anyone, but if you didn't know, I spend a lot of time working behind the scenes keeping all of this afloat. From coming up with the questions to kicking out trolls to scouring for Geekscapes to recording, editing, and publishing the podcast, and beyond. It's easily a second full time job, one that I'm more than happy to do (obviously), but I could really use a hand financially for anyone who can spare it. A few of you already do and I thank you greatly!

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I'm not expecting to get a salary out of it, but breaking even would reduce a lot of stress on my end. Ideally I'd love to get to the point where I could pay someone to do stuff like edit the podcast or even cover the cost of the website, etc. Anything extra would go towards other projects that I'd love to do but simply don't have the resources (in time or money) to pull off.

OK so rather than make this anymore epic of a post than it already is (sorry), here is tonight's question: Where on Earth do you currently live and how did you discover the Geek Question of the Day? Feel free to limit your location to a region if you like. I'm in a town called Arlington, near Boston, if that helps get things rolling...=)

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