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This is not a question so much as a state of the geek union kinda thing. As most of you know, G+ is going bye-bye in April so I've moved primary operations over to the website. This has obviously caused a lot of havoc with our community so I wanted to make a few announcements about how things will (hopefully) be developing over the next month and year.

1. All posting to G+ will cease at the end of January! Since this is the biggest change, I wanted it to be front and center! There are many reasons why I'm doing this ahead of April, but the biggest is that I really want to start looking ahead to growing our community. G+ is where we began our journey but the scaffolding is collapsing around us as we speed out of the gate, so I'd rather clear the blast zone before they move up the final countdown.

2. We're starting a mailing list! If you head to the subscription page below you'll find all the ways to keep up with the community. This includes the new new Weekly Questioner newsletter that will deliver all the posts from the week in one shot (including news like this, along with podcasts)! It's not quite an old-school list-serv but it's an easy way to keep up and join the crew.

3. You can still get notifications and participate! The website uses the Disqus engine so you can use almost any existing social account to authenticate and chat without needing to create a whole new thing. It's really easy! I'm paying for the ad-free version and don't have anything beyond minimum tracking going on the site. Besides using RSS, if you follow the Questions and Geekscapes on Twitter (links below) you'll automatically find out when things post right away. I'm even adding a way for you to get daily emails if you want for both regular posts if you aren't on Twitter or don't use an RSS reader!

4. I need your help more than ever! Since Twitter and other external sites are going to be the only way I'll be sharing the questions publicly going forward, I need help getting the word out. That means begging you all to not only follow on places like Twitter and Facebook, but also re-sharing as often as you can to anyone and everyone you think might appreciate joining us!

5. More announcements and projects are coming! I'll not spoil much more here, primarily because this is turning into a novel, but suffice to say I'm hoping (with your help) to make 2019 into a new beginning for us. I know I say this far too often, but I love all of you and desperately want to keep this community alive!

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