Question #2000

2,000th Geek Question of the Day: Yup you read that right. This marks (give or take) the 2,000th time I've pestered you all! I've been trying to think of a decent way to handle it for weeks now, or have some genius question lined up, but the truth is I really don't have anything but the urge to thank you. Whether you're a new member of our community, or a grizzled veteran, words can't express how amazing I think you all are and how happy I am to have you aboard!

To give some substance to this thread, I'll ask you all; Where on Earth do you currently call home and what would you say are your top geeky passions at the moment? And yes this is one of the interview questions from the podcast, but I love learning what you put your geeky energy into! =)

With the question out of the way, I thought I'd take a minute to give kind of a state of the union kinda thing...

I. Planning For The Future

Contrary to most predictions, G+ seems to still be alive, which is great. Last year I forced everyone to participate in a test of the website just in case it ever vanishes. I got a lot of feedback from it, so thank you all for bearing with me! If you ever visit, I've made commenting a lot more front and center (bloody templates!) so we have a solid Plan B in place.

II. The Podcast

It's is going great, but I need more guests! I'm not really set up for repeat interviewee's but if any of you haven't been on, please consider signing up. I promise it's painless and I edit out things like awkward pauses, etc. If you are reading this you are geeky enough to be on! Oh and now that I'm doing the roundtable version of the show, if you have been a guest before, I would love to have you on a panel! Everything anyone needs to know is here:

III. We Are Everywhere

One thing I've done over the last year is build little forts all over the place. Here are some of the non-G+ places you'll find out there:

III. And Finally

I feel extremely awkward saying this, but I do all of this for free because I love this community. Between podcast creation, question composition, geekscape curation, website crap, etc., I spend probably 20+ hours a week (or more) keeping all of this going. I'm happy to do it (obviously), but it would be nice to at least break a little even someday (especially with things like content hosting, etc)! So if you have a few bucks to spare, I'd truly appreciate anything you might be able to toss in my direction. I've got a bunch of different ways to donate (or buy cheesy swag) over on the site but haven't had much traction yet, primarily because it feels weird pestering you all. That being said, here is where to go;

Anyway, I'll end this epic post and say I look forward to the next 2,000 questions. You're the most incredible bunch of geeks someone like myself could ever hope to interact with online or off. Thank you!

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