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Geek Announcement of the Day: Tonight is a wee different than normal in that I'm not actually asking a question. I guess you could think of this more as a state of the union kind of thing, so even if you're a lurker who never answers, it might be worth reading below...

Uh oh, now what?

I think most of you are aware that I built last December as a hedge against G+ eventually collapsing. It's been the home of the podcasts and the Geekscape of the Day ever since. I post the questions there too, but the links head back here. Well, I'm going to be doing a test over the next week to see what happens when I reverse this.

What The Hell??

Yes I realize it's a massive change, but if our community is to thrive, and hopefully even expand a bit, I think it's time to change things up sooner rather than later. I could go on for paragraphs about G+ and it's issues but I'll leave that for elsewhere...

OK, so how does this mess with us?

I'm not making this decision lightly but ostensibly the questions will remain the same. I'll still post them here so you'll still get notified, but comments will be disabled. You'll click through to the site where I've set up an ad-free version of Disqus, which will allow you to authenticate using Google, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus itself. Once you've done that you can answer to your hearts content.

It's going to be anarchy and you're destroying everything!

Not on my watch! The plan is to keep our same community standards but in a more managed way. Good old school moderation from volunteers as well as reporting/blocking tools built into Disqus should help keep the spam/trolling to a minimum.

If this works, then I might end up keeping it this way going forward. I realize that this may upset a lot of you, which is why I'm trying to do this as gently as possible. I love our community and am just trying to prepare for the worst before it becomes an emergency. Anyway, I'll try to address concerns/answer your questions in the comments below...

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