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Tonight we're doing something a little different. Quite a while ago I started a GoodReads group for us to start a book club. It's been sitting neglected, waiting to be used ever since. Well we think it's time to change that!

TLDR, click: 

The plan is to start a monthly post to let folks know that we're choosing a new book over on GoodReads, and for anyone interested in joining us to do so. In fact you'll notice that comments are disabled on this post. My hope is that it will direct folks to chime in over there rather than here. Hopefully you guys don't find that too terribly annoying!

We're starting off with shorter books and have a poll up to choose amongst stories written by a couple of the authors in our community like Jamison Stone and Traci Loudin as well as some classics. Once the poll is voted on, the actual window for reading starts in a week. 

So join us for our first book and yes even I plan to read whatever we end up picking! =)

Here's the link to the book club:

Thanks everyone!