Attention All Geeks

I just wanted to welcome everyone to what I'm hoping will become our new home on the Interwebs. If you're reading this then you've probably been following me over on Google+, where I've been asking a Geek Question of the Day since 2011. All-in-all that's over 1,600 of them so far! On top of that I began posting (with attribution) my daily Geekscapes in 2013, which is now a featured Collection on G+, thanks to all of you!

Our community has only grown and strengthened as it's birthplace has dwindled. You guys are a vital part of my life now and rather than go quietly into the night, I'm building this place to be where we can come together regardless of whether G+ survives or not.

This is obviously a work in progress and nothing is changing overnight, but this is my line in the digital sand. Thank you so much for being an amazing array of geeks from all over this tiny planet!

Oh and for the record, all questions will forward to the ones on G+ until I get a few more pieces in place.

Stay geeky and stay tuned,

   - Charlie Hoover