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The Table Is Turned

In this new podcast I sit down with GM's from around the world and have them share some of their most memorable in-game moments with us. Come along as we wander from dungeons deep to star systems old and all the places in between! Whether you're a veteran GM or a first-time player I hope you'll lend us your ear!

How We Record (FAQ)

  • When do we record? Whenever is convenient for everyone.
  • When do we publish? As we go. There is no set schedule!
  • Is it video or audio? Audio for now but we plan to do live-streaming eventually.
  • How long does it take? Pre-show usually takes about 30 minutes and recording time is generally under 30 minutes
  • What will I need?
    • A quiet room.
    • Stable internet.
    • A headset (or headphones) and microphone.
    • A modern web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
    • 20GB of free space on your hard drive.
  • What do we use to record? We typically use Hangouts or Skype to get a video link going and then use Zencastr to record the audio.

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Artist: Anthony Pismarov Source:

Artist: Anthony Pismarov

Tell Your War Stories!

Real names are prefered but not mandatory!
This can be anything from the name of the world to a particular location within a larger universe.
Select the one that best fits. If it isn't perfect don't worry! Keep in mind that the default selection below will result in auto-deletion!
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