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A polyglot geek, superlatively intelligent, with his humor only superseded by his humility, Markus Christopher has graced humanity with his presence since 1644. One of the reigning figures of the "54 40 or Fight!" movement, when that failed, Markus traveled to the far East, eventually founding the Ever Victorious Army in China's civil war, until his position was usurped by that scoundrel, Frederick Townsend Ward.

Coming back to America, he sunk his vast fortune into the automobile, giving Henry Ford his start, advising him with tips he learned when ghost-writing "Wealth of Nations" for Adam Smith.

Foreseeing how important it would be, he was instrumental in working with DARPA on what would become the Internet, when he wasn't moonlighting at the JPL on the Voyager project.

Markus now spends his days lurking at a hospital, pretending to be an audiovisual technician, when he's not playing games, reading, driving, astronomizing, 3D printing, and preparing his vast memoirs.

Contact Info:

Facebook: a.mark.christopher
Google: +MarkusChristopher
Board Game Geek: markus_kt