Erin Goss


Rabbit Hole Creator
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Part-time skald, full-time warlord.

Raised in the mythical land of Central New Jersey, Erin finally came into her own as the 3-time Ragnarok Pillow Fight World Champion. As a part time Viking, not-awful poet, unabashed nerd, and mom-venturer, she is gleefully pursuing her lifelong quest to know just enough about everything to be considered vaguely dangerous.

Her enthusiastic pursuit of immersion led her to learn everything from weaving to sound editing.   Her voracious appetite for stories sent her reading sci-fi, fantasy, young adult fiction, comic books, and manga.  That same appetite for stories led her into the world of role playing games- a fate from which she would never return.

When she's not quoting 80’s cult classic movies, topically rewriting song lyrics, or cheering her friends on while they do… well, pretty much anything, you can find her playing bones and bodhrán, or writing repugnantly run-on sentences.  She is also enjoys collaborative projects of almost any sort, and most definitely is a real person that is in no way just a soul in a box stored next to Charlie's computer. 

Contact Info:

Twitter: @redcatshoehaiku

Rabbit Hole Creator
Viking Badass