Aalia Khan Yousafzai


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Aalia Khan Yousafzai is a science enthusiast and has the quirky habit of naming people after chemical elements. However, the words that mean to her the most are, "Once Upon A Time."

She was born in Kenya, was raised and homeschooled in various parts of the Middle East and now wishes to explore the world. Despite her myriad of interests that range from being adventurous, to being girly, to just being a downright nerd, there's only one thing that thrives in her through thick and thin, through childhood and adulthood- her passion for writing. She writes to define the wild, complex thoughts in her mind and she writes to win hearts. She writes to earn and she writes to put herself to sleep. She's a writer at heart.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @TheSweetoDevil
Instagram: @aaliakhanyousafzai/
Google: +AaliaKhanYousafzai
Facebook: aaliakhanyousafzai